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Landmark Dental Care is a “health-centered” dental practice because it allows you, the patient, to have the focus of control over what goes on in your mouth. The LANDMARK/PATIENT TEAM coordinates to provide a preferred dental future “appropriate” for every patient’s particular circumstances, temperament, and objectives. Quality is the constant; time is the variable. ‘Health-Centered’ implies a high degree of patient accountability in caring for the dental investment. At LANDMARK, we strive to increase the patient’s knowledge of routines to prevent future dental breakdown.

Landmark Dental Care services have evolved over 22+ years in practice. Most dental health conditions may be treated directly through our office, consultation with experienced professionals and proven referrals among specialty care facilities. Constant efforts toward continued education allow Landmark Dental Care to address the most modern approaches to esthetic, cosmetic, and restorative (beyond just reparative) dentistry, TMJ / TMD issues, occlusion (how teeth fit and function), implants, snoring and sleep apnea, comprehensive complex restorative problems which include implants and periodontal issues (surrounding structures of the teeth), preventive dentistry, general dentistry, nutrition and health.

The Landmark Dental Care process begins with a “Comprehensive Evaluation”. Existing conditions are recorded in the complete oral environment. This includes surrounding structures of bone, muscles and jaw joints which have a direct effect on health conditions. The goal is for Dr. Parekh and the patient to co-discover short-term and long-term concerns.

Within the Landmark Dental Care philosophy…there exists no satisfaction in pressuring people to make dental health care decisions for treatment. Two conditions MUST be satisfied prior to beginning treatment routines:

  1. Complete understanding of existing conditions and all options for treatment.
  2. Mutually agreed payment details and options that are completely understood.

Restorative Dentistry concentrates on programs dedicated to longevity, not just ‘repair’. Sometimes reparative dentistry is appropriate until disease is brought under control. Once disease processes are being managed, long term restorative efforts may begin.

What is the Pankey Philosophy?
The Pankey Philosophy of the practice of dentistry respects the unique value of each person. The Dentist has a moral obligation to provide the patient with the best care possible through educating the patient to make appropriate choices for comprehensive treatment. Dentists are challenged to know their work, keep abreast of emerging technology and knowledge, and then master these to the absolute best of their ability.

Fundamental to the application of this philosophy is an understanding that quality treatment and service cannot be rushed and that high patient volume is an antithesis to both comprehensive care and a meaningful doctor/patient relationship.

The Pankey Institute Seal represents an approach to dentistry which can be summed up as understanding and living out four elements:

  1. Aristotle’s Philosophy (Cross) of Happiness, achieved through a balance of work, play, love and worship (a spiritual response based on one’s faith and hope).
  2. Dr. Pankey’s Cross of Dentistry, illustrating the belief that professional fulfillment is achieved through four things: knowing yourself, your patient, and your work, then applying your knowledge to the best of your ability to benefit others.
  3. Dr. Pankey’s Four-Legged Stool of Dental Health, reminding us that comprehensive care addresses four areas:  the individual’s oral health, function, comfort and beauty.
  4. The Latin words QUID PRO QUO, meaning “one thing for another” or “giving before receiving.”