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Back Posture Exercises

1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

2. Place a towel or book under your head.

3. Place your hand under the low portion of your back to feel the curve that remains there. (Fig. A)

4. Remove your hand and attempt to push this portion of your back down firmly against the floor.  This can be accomplished by consciously contracting your abdominal muscles. (Fig. B)

5. While maintaining this low back posture, push your buttocks off the floor until resistance to any further movement is achieved.  You may note extreme tightness in your thighs. (Fig. C)

6. This position should be held for a full ten seconds and performed five times per day.

7. In addition to the exercise described above, it is also helpful to hold your thigh with both hands and pull it up to you as far as possible (Fig. D). Repeat with the other leg.

Back Post Fig A

Fig A

Back Post Fig B

Fig B

Back Post Fig C

Fig C

Back Post Fig D

Fig D