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Weighted Shoulder Shrugs

1. Obtain some plastic buckets or other objects which can hold weight.

2. Position the buckets over some chairs or stools which will support the weight of the bucket.

3. Adjust the height of the buckets so you can hold the handles comfortably in the proper standing posture.  This can be accomplished placing books under the buckets. The purpose of this is to avoid overstretching the shoulder muscles during the exercise.

4. Start out with two to three pounds in each bucket.

5. From the starting rest position, slowly raise your shoulders as far as you can and then slowly lower them to the starting position again.

6. Work up to thirty five repetitions.

7. If it becomes painful, do not attempt thirty five repititions — do five additional repetitions once the pain is felt and then stop.

8. Once you can do thirty five repetitions without pain, increase the weight in each bucket two to five pounds and continue as above. Work up to twenty to thirty pounds in each bucket if a woman, thirty to forty pounds if a man.

9. Repeat this exercise two or three times each day.

Fig. A

Fig. A

Fig. B

Fig. B