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Vitamins & Supplements


Always check the expiration date of your vitamins.

These recommendations create an increased quality of life in most patients. We recommend “Garden of Life” brand of vitamins. They can be purchased at the Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods you can also go to www.webvitamins.com or call 1-800-919-9122.

  • Vitamin Code 50 & Wiser for Women
  • Vitamin Code 50 & Wiser for Men

Take 4 capsules per day (2 morning/2 evenings)

If you are taking a daily vitamin and whey protein drink with essential amino acids then you can eliminate some of the suggested additional supplements below.


Patients those are younger than 50 follow bottle directions.


  • Glucosamine/Chondroitin 1500mg along with Omega 3 fish oil with 2 glasses of water.

People with diabetes should use caution when taking glucosamine because it may raise blood sugar. People taking blood-thinning medication (anticoagulants) should check with their doctors before taking glucosamine and chondroitin. People who are allergic to shellfish also should consult their doctors before using glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine is extracted from a substance in shellfish.


Glucosamine helps rebuild worn out cartilage and Omega 3 fish oil reduces joint tenderness and inflammation and reduces the enzyme that destroys cartilage. Dosage is by weight.


  • Less than 120 lbs 1,000 mg glucosamine
  1. 800 – 1000 mg chondroitin sulfate
  2. 1,000 – 2,000 mg Vitamin C
  3. 25 mg manganese


  • Between 120 – 200 lbs 1,500 mg glucosamine
  1. 1,200 mg chondroitin sulfate
  2. 3,000 – 4,000 mg Vitamin C
  3. 25 – 50 mg manganese


  • Over 200 lbs 2,000 mg glucosamine
  1. 1,600 mg chondroitin sulfate
  2. 3,000 – 4,000 mg Vitamin C
  3. 50 mg manganese


  • Omega 3 Fish Oil 600 EPA/240 DHA (soft gels) dosage: 1 gel cap with each meal

Omega 3 fish oil can boost heart health and lower triglycerides. May also help with rheumatoid arthritis, depression and many other conditions


  • Angstrom Magnesium Morning basics mineral mix 32oz bottle. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON BOTTLE.
  • Angstrom Magnesium Evening basics mineral mix 32oz bottle. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON BOTTLE primary calcium and other minerals to support the calcium.


  • Angstrom Magnesium 1/2to 1 oz. 2 times per day morning and at bedtime. Take this instead of morning and evening basics if you are a Sulfa Allergy patient.

It is essential to have enough Magnesium in our system. Magnesium is depleted by 3 major issues: Diuretics; Carbohydrates and stress. The results of Magnesium deficiency are profound on the systems basic functions. To order go to www.angstrom-mineral.com

There are several ways to obtain Magnesium into the system.

  1. Epsom salt baths
  2. Mineral bath salts obtained at health stores
  3. Magnesium lotion ultra with MSM or Magnesium gel use one or the other. These products can be purchased from Ancient Minerals. ancient-minerals.com

Anyone taking statin medications for high cholesterol should consider taking CoQ10


  • CoQ10 200mg daily approximately 1mg/lb of body weight.

CoQ10 plays a role in producing energy. May lower blood sugar and blood pressure, so people with diabetes and low blood pressure should consult their physician before using.


  • Flax Seed Oil 1 -2 TBSP daily Flax seed oil helps inflammation in the joints.


  • Unsweetened Dark Chocolate (70%-85% cocoa) contains antioxidants that promote good health.


  • Grape Seed Oil 1 tsp daily on an empty stomach for 7 days and then reduce to ½ tsp daily.

Grape Seed Oil may improve the production of collagen that is important for maintaining healthy connective tissues in our joints. May also reduce the pain caused by arthritis.


  • Vitamin B Complex 2 caps daily

Vitamin B Complex can relieve stress which can treat underlying TMJ disorder.


  • Vitamin B12 sublingual or by injections are recommended. Additional B-12 should be taken if you have anemia or eat limited amounts of red meat/fish or chicken, also if you have digestive issues that do not allow the absorption of this vitamin from your food.


  • Vitamin C 2000mg time release – Ester C or Esterified Vitamin C take 1000mg with your am meal & 1000mg before bed time release.

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant required for tissue growth and repair, adrenal function, and healthy gums.


  • Vitamin D3 2000IU Take one capsule daily *** not necessary if taking garden of life multi-vitamin. Take with omega 3 to help the absorption of vitamin D


  • Vitamin E 400IU Strengthens muscles and dilates blood vessel ****If you experience high blood pressure from Vitamin E it is probably due to sensitive to Soy or Wheat Germ


Drink water daily to maintain healthy balance of body fluids. Daily intake is based on body weight divide by 2 = # of ounces you should consume:  http://nutrition.about.com/library/blwatercalculator.htm

Liquid vitamins or gel caps are more easily absorbed in the system than tablets.


  • Whey “Raw” Protein drink with essential amino acids


  1. Do not drink carbonated or caffeinated beverages high in sugar after 3pm.
  2. Do not eat foods high in gluten (wheat, flour, barley, or rye).
  3. Do not use any tobacco products. Nicotine use increased pain sensitivity causing the need for more pain relieving medications.
  4. Reduce alcohol intake. It tends to tense muscles.
  5. White wine is better than red wine.
  6. DO NOT eat grapefruit if you are taking Statins.
  • Tobacco use: Increasing pain sensitivity and perception: Studies have found that smoking causes people to perceive pain more acutely. Tobacco use appears to have some effect on the nervous system, increasing sensations and perception of pain.