"My teeth were in bad shape, but thanks to the staff at Landmark Dental, I love to smile again" – David
"For decades I suffered from debilitating headaches and sinus pain. Since beginning splint therapy my headaches and sinus pain are non-existent. Dr. Parekh has given me my life back." – Tonya

Test Your Joints

Do you need a consultation appointment?

The first self examination you can do is the simplest: Sleep. We want you to be aware of your sleep patterns and cognizant of your habits before you hit the hay and again upon waking. Take time to appreciate the following:

  •  What did you eat? Was it high in sugar, protein, caffeine?
  •  Were you relaxed during the afternoon hours? Check to see if your brows are furrowed, hands clenched, and/or teeth touching.
  •  Did you fall asleep easily? Did you awake at all during your slumber? Do you have soreness in you head or neck? Any additional morning tooth pain?

Touch: our second self exam includes applying moderate pressure to the muscles of your face. Start by applying pressure to your temples with about 5 lbs. Come down the sides of your face and apply the same pressure to the jaw muscles. Do you find that you have areas of intense pain and/or areas of pain relief?

Clicking/Popping: open and close your jaw. Do you hear clicking or popping? Now, place your fingers over your jaw joint and open and close your mouth again. Do you feel a click? Did one side click while the other was silent? Caveat: it is very important that you only open and close your mouth within your normal range. Do not force your jaw open or closed.

Notes: Take some time and note this information.

Please feel free to bring this information with Dr. Parekh.